Like so many women, we want to look our best on our wedding day. Christi came to the studio June 1st with the goal to look her best in 4 months for their wedding date Oct. 10th. She signed up for the unlimited class package and I guided her through the class selection, number of workouts per week and some suggestions like the app MyFitnessPal… Christi was underway towards her goal. She gained strength, endurance and confidence, all while losing inches to make her wedding day appearance. The photos speak for themselves! Check out Christi’s stunning photos taken 4 months apart, the “before” at her engagement party, and the “after” just one week ago!


You took your first class at PNT Fitness in June! How did you select PNT Fitness as the studio for your weight loss journey?
Actually (my husband now) Alan, found the classes and suggested I go check it out. Since PNT Fitness had small group classes, and the timings of the classes were perfect. Plus, I just moved to LIC June 1, and it’s always about location location location!

Congrats on your wedding! What was your total weight loss since June? And, how did you feel on your wedding day?
I don’t know exactly how much weight I lost, but I dropped 3 dress sizes & I felt amazing on my wedding day, I felt very energetic and fit!

How will you stay motivated now that the wedding is over? Will you continue your fitness journey and what is your goal?
I will definitely continue my journey, I have my honeymoon in late December, so I want to be bikini ready. I’m not really focusing on the actual weight (lbs), as I am the physical result of dropping the body fat percentage.

What do you feel you’ve struggled with the most and how did you overcome it?
Diet! Diet was huge for me, since I Love food and sweets. But I had my goal in mind and I was working so hard at these classes, that It would have been such a waste to let the classes go to waste because of diet. I simply told myself, that all the food will still be there once I reach my ideal body shape. It became to a point, where I don’t even crave “the bad food” anymore. Plus, trying on my clothes and seeing that they are all bigger on me, definitely pushed me more :)

How has using MyFitnessPal and tracking your food helped you?
To be honest I used it for only 2 weeks and it showed me how much fast calories can be used up. I quickly realized that I need to eat more protein and less carbs and less sweets. It lead me to just live a more healthy life. More water and more protein!

Would you suggest PNT Fitness to other women who are looking to lose weight before their wedding or another special occasion?
Absolutely. I’ve told everyone and anyone about PNT and a few girls are definitely interested in joining. Regardless of a wedding, it’s amazing to feel fit and great for life!

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